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It all started about 30 years ago.  A few taps in the back yard, and a flat pan on an open fire pit, began the maple syrup tradition for the Klippel's.  After only a couple of years, the decision was made to go into the woods, and build our first sugar house.  With the help of Bob Culver, Eric's first sugaring partner, they completed the build, and began production in 1985 with around 150 taps.  The operation expanded up to 600 taps, and the team continued working together until 1998.


Eric bought the land for Maple Knoll Farm in 2005, and began designing and building the sugaring operation.  Lumber milled from the trees on the land, was used to build the sugar house.  In 2008 we started producing syrup, and have been growing annually ever since. 

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